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Belize Flies

Very good, I’ve been tying flies from the book since I got it. It is also very timely for me because I’m going to Belize in August to Tarpon Caye Lodge.

Belize Flies (eBook)
Gary Carlson
Belize Flies

This book presented several fly patterns which were valuable and weren't available in Drew's previous books. The instructions are always very complete in their presentation.

Feathers-Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes (e book)

Well written, concise reference on using feathers in fly tying. I will be using this mini manual as I start my fly tying experience!!

Belize Flies

A very good fly tying manual. The flies are eye-catching.

dual fly tying light

I recently purchased the dual light fly tying light, and I think it's fantastic. The lights are bright and easy to position. the base is stable, and its affordable. I had been looking for a high quality tying light for a long time, and the options I found were either marginally useful (but affordable), or outrageously expensive. Very happy with this product. RIght now I am wrapping guides on a custom flyrod using tiny silk thread (a 6' 2 wt fiberglass- no, definitely not salty, unless flyfishing for mullet is a thing?) , and this product has made a drastic improvement in wrapping quality and speed. I look forward to tying some flies with the improved lighting! Thanks Drew!

Baitfish Essential

Love these fluorescent yellow doll eyes. I've used them extensively for big beach redfish in NW Florida with great results. The fluorescent yellow makes the white/nearly translucent baitfish patterns really pop. A little bit of Zap and Solarez and they're good to go.

Essential Bonefish Flies--Andros

Love it! I'm slowly acquiring all of Drew's books... Just spent a week in Andros and the time spent at the vice following Drew's recommended fly patterns certainly paid off! Thank you, Drew, for your generosity in helping others in the saltwater game.

Square Rubber Legs
Patrick Brown
Square rubber legs

Great square legs get them while you can can’t find them anywhere else yet. Crabs galore!

Excellent Eyes

Large eyes like these are hard to find. The large black pupil against the yellow really pops and provides a great trigger.

Even old dogs can learn new tricks

Very well written, I found a couple of ways to do things easier.

Greatest flies for reds in NC

Majority of these flies worked incredibly well such as the kung fu crab and the DOA shrimp lookin one definitely recommend these books

Fluorescent Yellow Doll Eyes
Captain Russ Shirley
Even in the hardest Redfish spot on earth!

Gotta say, the first time I used these eyes, even in the Tampa Bay area, we got the elusive Redfish within the first half-dozen casts. I’m a big fan of eyes, and these are awesome, thanks Drew, great product as usual. Capt. Russ Shirley, Salty Fly Charters, a 30-year charter biz.

Baby Tarpon Flies (Paperback or Hardcover)

Informative and Solid Instructions

New to tying salt water flies. Was looking for a solid set of books to get me started and these are just the ticket. Like the background info Drew has provided and nicely illustrated instructions. Have them up on my computer as I tie and have been very happy!

Saltwater Specialty Flies (Paperback or Hardcover)

Coyote Fur
Aaron Mccafferty
Coyote fur

I highly recommend buying coyote fur from drew. As with all the materials he sells they are of high quality. Unlike ordering materials from other fly fishing stores were you get what’s left after the staff has already ready picked out the best for themselves. Thanks drew

Very helpful and informative.

Clear descriptions of materials and techniques. Excellent photos.


Really cool stuff can’t wait to put it to use!

First Fly Tying Book

After a year of learning through watching videos, I am very pleased at how having step-by-step instructions improved my flies.

I live in the middle of the US and only get to Saltwater on vacation. Fliping through this book allows me to minimize the guesswork and improve my chances of success.

Thank you Drew for all your hard work.

Outstanding flies and service

I ordered a couple of dozen flies for an upcoming Abaco trip. Fabulous service and these flies are astonishingly good. Realistic, meticulously tied and absolute things of beauty. Yes, they are expensive but given the total cost of the trip, it’s nothing - and why wouldn’t you put the best thing you can in front of the fish?. Doesn’t make sense to skimp on the only thing the fish sees. Im sure $3 flies can work, but I’m not about to bet a $3000 trip on it. Drew has been great.. I’ll update the review in 10 days when one way or another we’ll know if it worked.

Snook flies 2 review

I am really enjoying Snook Flies 2. The step by step instructions accompanied by the photos make tying these flies easier. I also love the stories behind these flies. Worth ever penny.

The best rubber legs for crab flies.

I was painstakingly cutting rubber bands long ways to create legs for my crab flies. These rubber legs are much easier to work with and save me a bunch of time.

Aunt Lydia is great!

I needed a small amount of yarn to repair a handmade rug from the 1950’s. The yarn I got was a different fiber blend from the yarn of that era, but the color is close enough to work fine for the repair. Thanks for shipping promptly.

Best material for crabs.

Revelation here !

Man, I've been tying for years, and I have been quite happy with what I was achieving,
3 or 4 tips in here that make complete sense , and can be utilised on other various materials, I'm sure.
I can see myself adjusting my age old methods a wee bit and tying not only faster, but most likely some tidier flies.
Cheers Drew....... very much appreciated !