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Great Resource with Room for More

I hope Drew Chicone is going to expand on this book. It's a great starter resource, but I think there's a lot more to be discovered in this world of SUP fly fishing.

very educational

learned some neat tricks

Redfish Flies 2 (eBook)
joseph johnston
Redfish Flies 2

Excellent book, highly recommend

Feather Brain

Awesome, informative book. The detailed instructions on preparing and even creating materials has really helped my fly tying. Great stories of how the featured patterns came to be, and why they catch fish. I tied some variations of the asphyxiator fly in purple and green on size 02 TMC U502 hooks with purple grizzly tail, and hackle, large black/green dumbbell eyes, and silver doctor blue guinea feather clipped hackle in front of the eyes. They have been lots of fun for local bass in Oregon.

Saltwater Specialty Flies

Great book! Love the signed copy.

My order was in the envelope and ready for shipment literally within minutes - and was actually a combination of two orders.

That definitely works for me


The Flies

I just started to get into fly fishing and tying files. I started watching YouTube videos and almost all of your Instagram quick fly tie reels as will. Your books explain everything and they have the materials listed which is a big help for me. I love your books and work.


No matter your experience level you will learn new techniques and strategies.


Wonderful fly tying book. Great techniques and tying info.

Great Info

So many great tips on "how to" and "what not to do" when using feathers.
Makes tying so much easier and the the results are great!!

Saltwater Specialty Flies

Very innovative patterns I can't wait to try on fish!

Essential Permit Patterns

Just caught my first Permit - Thanks for all the help

Awesome book and fly patterns. I tied a bunch of Cuda flies and am going to the wrecks next week to try them out. I am also working on the Contraband fly. I live in Savannah and no one targets Sheepshead on the fly. My friends Fuzzy Davis , , Raz Reed and I want to figure that out here.
Best, Pat ( I go by my middle name Patrick)

Saltwater Specialty Flies

Excellent book as always, I order materials so I can tie the flies in the book. Are you planning another book?

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

Awesome patterns!

Great Book

I own a Bote rackham and thought this book was very helpful in terms of giving little tips and tricks to make fly fishing off a paddleboard a lot easier. Thanks Drew!

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

great overview, appreciate how you provide hard learned lessons in an easy to access format

LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light
Eduardo Vargas Aguilar
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Ligh

Great helping light in a small package.

These Books are Incredible!

Drew knocked it out of the park with these books! There is so much detail in each fly tutorial, there are only two pictures per page so no detail is skipped. Each fly also has awesome background information! I can't wait to fill my boxes with these patterns!

Feathers-Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes

I spend a lot of my time reading and viewing instructional books and videos and was new and fresh information that I had never covered before. Thanks

As advertised

Product was well maintained and delivered timely.