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Another Winner from Drew Chicone

Drew's greatest gift to all of us who strive to be better tiers is the way he thinks about fly function and then fly design and is able to convey his insights so clearly through words and excellent, large photos. If you just picked up your first vice this winter or have been tying for 20 years, you'll love this eBook.

So Easy to work with

Great working with the square rubber legs. Will be using them for a while

Christmas Gift

Will let you know

Coyote Tail Fur

I really like the length of the fur. It's great for making tails for your shrimp pattern, but also body dubbing material. Also, the colors are very natural looking. The Coyote Ugly Shrimp is my go to pattern when the fish are feeding on shrimp.

Diversity and clear instructions. I always look forward to Drew's latest eBooks.

A must for any fly fisherman, Bass are great fun on rod and line but when you fly fish for them it goes to a whole new level. Get an 8 weight and tie up some of Drews patterns and have fun! My only question is when's the smallmouth ebook coming? Thanks Drew! @britishbassslammer

Very helpful

Alot of great tips on how to prevent your materials from rolling on the hook while securing. Included are several other tips/tricks for working with feathers. Found it to be very helpful.

Snook Flies 2

As in his previous books, Drew does an excellent job, not only in detailing the tying instructions but also, in the background stories of the originators and of the patterns in general. Well Done.

Snook 2

Excellent book as always. I would recommend this book to any one who ties flies. Mike Collier

Home run

It’s a no brainer Drew is an excellent flytyer and fisherman. With such a high level of experience & patience to teach those that want to get better is priceless. So much time, energy, love for the craft and dedication is involved in putting projects like this together. Be grateful & support those that spread the knowledge.

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook).

Good information. Short for a "book".

Saltwater Yak Hair
Fantastic for bait fish patterns.

I switched to the Saltwater Yak Hair a couple years ago for all my sardina patterns I take to Baja Mexico. It can be trimmed to any length, has a natural flow when stripped and an iridescence that very closely mimics a fleeing sardina (flatiron herring).

Crusher Legs Crush!

In Abaco, in deeper water, Drew’s crusher legs on the Coyote Ugly and Tide Slave created enticing targets for aggressive bonefish. Have ordered several colors to tie the Master’s flies. Have thrown my versions with success. Get some!

Great information in a format that is clear and interesting

I am new to tying and then s ebook answered so many questions that I have had trying to get started tying flies. Some of it seems like common sense ( like matching your feathers) but only after you have been frustrated with the way your flies look before getting Drew's tips. Lots of "aha" moments! How Guly recommended!

Square is where it's at!!!

I have used Drew's square grey rubber legs on my crab patterns for the last year. His contraband crab is deadly and the way the square legs move in the water really does entice the Permit to take. I've had more follows and takes since switching to the square legs. They can be tied so that the legs point in the correct position to move like the natural when they are slowly moved along the flats bottom.

Snook Flies 2

I have just received my print version of this book and have begun my initial perusal. I typically scan the entire work and then return to study parts in detail. My initial impression is that this is a superb book on fly tying. I have many books on tying techniques and various types of flies (fresh and saltwater). The photographs of the tying steps in Snook Flies 2 are amongst the best I have ever seen. I will certainly use this book at my tying station in my garage in Punta Gorda. I can only say positive things about this book and strongly recommend it for the patterns included. It is also an excellent treatise on how materials should be attached to a hook and can be used as a teaching aid to tying all types of flies. I heartily recommend Snook 2 to any beginner, intermediate or advance fly tier.

Coyote Tails

I must say these are the best coyote tails I've seen in a long time. I would highly recommend Drew's website for anyone interested in coyote tails. Upon being a professional tyer these are rated very high in my use. Thanks Drew

Got Mud?

No more dried out/ cracked rubber bands! Flat profile works great on Bauer crab patterns, easy to glue and stirs up the mud/sand when stripped.

Nation wide!

Excellent book by the MASTER! We don’t all have easy access to the salt, but bass are everywhere. Great patterns and innovative tying techniques that are productive and educational for all skill levels.

Why skimp?

The best material for crustacean salt patterns by far. Tough, easy to work with, and simply magic after it is teased out, hit with some velcro and gets wet.

Finally found them

Permit seem to know that square legs equal yummy. These the only - repeat - only lets that work on Bauer crabs in PG Belize

Simple and straightforward

Essential bonefish flies is a great how to book on easy to tie bonefish patterns that should be in everyone’s box. The pattern photos and instructions make it simple to follow and easy to duplicate. Salt water patterns can get crazy complicated but these flies are not. More time can be spent fishing and less tying by following Drew’s straightforward directions. Thank you for making this book. Tight lines, Andy

Largemouth Bass flies

Great book with good flies and great instructions!
As with all of Drew’s books, there are good pictures and instructions. But above all, the history, and techniques for fishing the flies is awesome. Unlike most Fly tying books, Drew’s always inspire. Gives you ideas and inspiration to try your own patterns.

Aunt Lydias Rug Yarn

My order arrived in a timely manner and exactly as ordered. This material used to be available everywhere, but to my knowledge Salty Fly Tying is the only place that currently has it. Great for tying crab based fly's like Merkins, Toads, etc.

Aunt Lydias HD Rug Yarn

Great stuff. easy to work with. Great sparkle/shine.

Square Rubber Legs

These legs are identical to the ones used on store bought Bauer crabs. Lately,
the latest batch of Bauer crabs must have been tied with different hooks, since the hook gap is much smaller and I have lost a few permit before deciding to tie my own Bauer crabs. After searching everywhere, Salty Fly Tying is the only place to buy them. I started using them on other crab patterns after realizing how much movement they have compared to the other thinner rubber legs. Check out this video demonstrating the life-like rubber leg vibration.