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A Christmas gift I bought for myself, I will have to wait till the big day before I open it

Like it!!. My old light had a tendency to wander a bit when it was left overnight. With the heavy base, this light is rock solid and has a wide adjustment range for tying different flies. This was a great Christmas present to myself


If you care about catching redfish on fly you really need to get these books. As a tyer you really cannot get anything better. These books are excellent for non-tyers as well as the info will help you be a better fly fisherman. By the way these books (the redfish combo) will help you catch snook, bonefish, and baby tarpon. Drew has given us a wonderful trove of fly fishing & fly tying knowledge.

Your out of the most popular products and colors and have been for a while. Looking for alternatives

Keep Tips and Tricks handy by your tying bench

I have been tying for around 45 years and yet still learned new things from Drew’s ebook "Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes”. It is true when they say you are never to old to learn something new. And that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Great Benchside References

I'm an experienced tier and don't need the 'instruction' per se but these books are thoughtful, entertaining, and informative. Lots of thought process and useful insights between the lines. And as always excellent and detailed photographs.

Great Legs!

I have tied with legs before but they were round and I found them difficult to cinch down on to keep then from rolling to one side. These square legs lay flat against the thread base easily and stay in place. Also I find it easier to tie knots in them that lay nicely to create hopper legs.

Look good, wire is strong, but supple

Redfish fly 1&2

Awesome! Easy to follow even for a beginner like myself and effective. Already caught fish with the patters in these books. Thanks Drew you’re the best bro!

Feather brain

Freaking awesome! Great book, easy to follow . Perfect for fly fishermen and fly tiers of all experience levels. The signed copies was a super sweet touch as well! Thanks Drew!


These flies worked much better than expected ,

Finally got the help I needed.

I've avoided using married hackles for years because I could never get them to lay correctly. Just a quick read through Drew's ebook, and a little practice, and problems solved. Thanks, Drew!

LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light

Was looking for a light for my portable tying kit/bag. This light is PERFECT! Lightweight, without the base (table clamp and weighted base come with it), bright, and perfectly adjustable. Considering replacing the LED’s on my home bench with a pair of these. Would highly recommend.

Drew is a master

Prior to downloading and reading the tips from the Feathers eBook, I had purchased Drew's "Feather Brain." If you want tremendous insight into everything about fly tying, this guy knows what he is talking about.

Great perspective on feathers with lots of helpful tips!

Another great book from Drew.

The flys of Abaco

Great book on bone fish flys and not just how to tye them but the history of how they came about. Cannot wait to tye some ands them

Great instruction and resource..

Bonefish flies combo

Excellent book! Beautiful photos with easy step to step directions. Amazing book to add to anyone’s fly tying desk

Belize Flies

Very good, I’ve been tying flies from the book since I got it. It is also very timely for me because I’m going to Belize in August to Tarpon Caye Lodge.

Belize Flies (eBook)
Gary Carlson
Belize Flies

This book presented several fly patterns which were valuable and weren't available in Drew's previous books. The instructions are always very complete in their presentation.

Feathers-Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes (e book)

Well written, concise reference on using feathers in fly tying. I will be using this mini manual as I start my fly tying experience!!

Belize Flies

A very good fly tying manual. The flies are eye-catching.

dual fly tying light

I recently purchased the dual light fly tying light, and I think it's fantastic. The lights are bright and easy to position. the base is stable, and its affordable. I had been looking for a high quality tying light for a long time, and the options I found were either marginally useful (but affordable), or outrageously expensive. Very happy with this product. RIght now I am wrapping guides on a custom flyrod using tiny silk thread (a 6' 2 wt fiberglass- no, definitely not salty, unless flyfishing for mullet is a thing?) , and this product has made a drastic improvement in wrapping quality and speed. I look forward to tying some flies with the improved lighting! Thanks Drew!

Baitfish Essential

Love these fluorescent yellow doll eyes. I've used them extensively for big beach redfish in NW Florida with great results. The fluorescent yellow makes the white/nearly translucent baitfish patterns really pop. A little bit of Zap and Solarez and they're good to go.