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Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn

Largemouth Bass Flies

Excellent reference with great photos, 1st Drew Book, won't be the last

Stuff I wish I already knew.

I've been struggling with some aspects of using feathers in my fly tying for years. I just couldn't get everything to lay the way I wanted. This handy little e-book gave me the answers to fix my problems.

Good looking flies.

The book seems thought out and we’ll done. Like the story behind each fly.
I would like a reply from an email I sent Drew though. In the book it says to email with questions or comments. I had a question on the size of a weight to use for the straw boss and haven’t received a reply. The size of weight, I assume, is very important to the size of the hook because in the description it says that it has a very noticeable rocking motion when it falls in the water column. Would rather get that info from the source instead of buying all the available weights and then figuring it out from there. Especially since this book isn’t the cheapest out there.

Coyote Tails
Michael Collier
Coyote tail

I like using the hair in my flies for tails and wings on crab and shrimp flies. Great action!

Snook Flies

Another great book that will help you tie flies that will help you catch more snook. What more can you ask for.

I like it

My tying area is in the bottom portion of a raised ranch with very little natural light. I have accumulated quite the collection of lights in order to see what I need. The Dual Head LED light adds a bit more brightness to my station. The beam is narrow and focuses quite well on my vise. Well worth it.

Coyote Fur
Glenn Starr

Great product!

Great book!

Great book that covers the basics. It covers all you need to get started SUP fishing! Clear directions and easy read.

AWESOM light!

Finally I can see to tie those tiny 20-24 flies!

Square Rubber Legs
Brandon Yocham
Incredibly durable and don’t dissolve when they come in contact with adhesive’s

Out of all the rubber legs I’ve used for tying permit and bone flies. These are by far some of the best durability wise. Often times when working with adhesives many legs on the market will dissolve or get kinks in them when they come in contact with the clue. But with these square legs that wasn’t the case which was nice. Also I’ve noticed when working with these legs they are very strong and will definitely be able to take a beating in salt water without breaking constantly. And they also hold permanent ink very well if you wish to color your flies.

LED Dual head fly tying light

Love the new light. With the dual head it enables you to see your fly at any angle and eliminates shadows and is great for taking pictures or capturing your work on video. Great light!

Great reference material

All of the books I have purchased from Drew are fantastic. I bought this and the Permit flies books for trips to Mexico this spring. The step by step photos and descriptions are better than most videos and much easier to follow.

New good ideas!

This ebook really gave me new ideas for scandinavian pike fishing. I have been planning how to modify my isup for flyfishing and cant wait for the season to try how it works. Maybe I have to do some changes for the gear tough 😀
I have now been using float tube but the problem is that its not really good if you need to change a spot with a bit longer distance. And it is cold to sit there when the pike season is on.

So im really happy that I read this book and thankful of your tips and experience.

Good book

Good book easy to follow directions for tying these flies. The pictures are large so you can actually see how the flies are being tied. Anyone could follow these directions to tie flies that will catch fish.

Dry informative books for my upcoming trips

Amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩

I thought I was doing everything right until I read the book!!! I personally thought my flies couldn't get any better until I followed the instructions in the book!!! My fly game was upped immediately after reading this book!!!
Thank you to Drew Chicone for writing it!!!

Helpful in many ways

As a beginner, I’ve found Drew’s instructions extremely helpful and has removed some initial frustrations. These materials have also helped master the basics before moving into more advanced tying techniques. Well done!

Book of feathers

This book is fantastic!! It’s a treasure trove of information. As for me I am new to fly fishing and tying flies. This book has helped me tremendously. So if you’re a novice or a newbie this book will help you too.
It is well written with everyone in mind.
I highly recommend it.
Thank You for your time.

Feathers ebook review

This ebook has very useful information. I am new to tying and have made several of the mistakes shown in the Feathers ebook. The pictures were very helpful, as I am a visual learner. The only criticism I have is, I wish the book was longer.

Aunt Lydia’s yarn

Very happy with this product. Have tied a bunch of Merkin Crabs with it and am pleased with their appearance. Now to get some permit and bonefish to like them.

Coyote Tails
Dave Aldous
Nice Tail!

Very poofy, long, and has multiple colors throughout. This will make loads of flies and is a great value.

Square Rubber Legs
Dave Aldous

These square rubber legs are just the thing for imitating crab legs. They are beefy enough to hold knots yet not so big to be fake in appearance. My only request is they be available in a few colors.

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

"Common Mistakes" hit home and got my complete attention through out the rest of the e-book!

As a participating volunteer in Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing as a civilian mentor, guide, board member and fly-tying instructor, I am always seeking out new ideas and techniques as well as "friendly" reminders of my own bad habits when it comes to fly tying. Drew's eBook, "Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes" has already inspired me to pass along my learning on to our Veteran participants and instructors. The photography offers a clear understanding on how to fix a bad habit, learn a new skill and make ones self a better tier regardless of skillset or experience. As a complete newbie to the saltwater inshore game here in South Central Texas, I need all the help I can get and Salty Fly tying has become a staple for me as I transition from size 24 tailwater flies to the endless spectrum of patterns used in the bays of this region. You are missing out by not consuming Drew's content and written works.
Thank You!
Joe O'Connor