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Good visual primer for feather usage in fly tying

This is a quick read, but a worthwhile one if you're new to using feathers in tying saltwater flies.

Dual LED light

Game changer !!! If you can’t see, your chances of success are slim. As a ’63 model, this has become as important as a good tying vice.

Coyote Tails
Damien Coniglio
Great fly tying materials and quick delivery.

I ordered a couple items to tie some bonefish flies and not only was amazed at the quick delivery but the fly tying videos are awesome.

Square Rubber Legs
Arnie Sybrant
Square rubber legs

I don’t mind paying $9 for a product that is hard to find but paying $8.95 to mail such a small package is rediculous, even by today’s standards. I also noticed that the legs were showing areas of degradation due to ozone.

Coyote Tails
John Stauffer
Awesome quality

Lots of good long hair.

Square Rubber Legs
Steve Weinstein
Square Rubber Legs

The entire order process was excellent, and I received the material very quickly. Would not hesitate to buy from this merchant again.
I needed these legs to tie crab patterns for Permit. Anyone who has ever chased Permit with a flyrod knows how finicky they can be about eating a fly. Trying to save a few dollars on a poorly designed fly makes no sense to me when compared to the time and money you invested to try and catch one of these critters.
Are these legs a little on the pricy side? Yes, but I knew that when I placed the order, and am very pleased with the material I received.

Square Rubber Legs
The joke

Can’t believe you have the gull to sell this tiny strip to me for 20.00$ what an insult!!!!! What thieves you are I will tell every fly tying I know to stay clear of your website!

Nice light!

Nice bright light where you want it. I dig the heavy base and the adjustability. Besides tying flies, it's great for reading at the desk. I will probably order a second one. Enjoyed supporting Drew's business, even if only in a small way.

Coyote Tails
Bo Carter

Coyote Tails

Awesome book with a good selection of flies

One of my favourites from Drews collection.

LED tying light

Best light I have ever owned

Awesome SBS!

At first I was hesitant to buy as SBS for many of these patterns can be found across the web. However, Drews tips as well as interviews with some of the flies originators is full of useful info about how to fish them, the design principles behind the pattern and tips in how to tie them. The photography is excellent and the instructions are explained in a very concise and clear manner. You could tie many of these patterns by just reading.

Drew is doing amazing work with his books and I highly recommend this set!

Feather Brain

Awesome book. I am an avid fly tyer who has been tying freshwater flies for 25 years and recently caught the "salt bug" on a tarpon trip to the Florida Keys. I most enjoy creating custom flies based on local prey and this book is a must have text for anyone making this switch. It is not a primer; it is much more. If you are already in the salt and want to customize your presentations, then Drew's Flowchart on how he breaks down material selection and fly design is worth the price of the book alone. Note to Drew: please make your full flowchart into a .pdf that I can buy, print, and put on the wall above my tying bench!

Buy All 13 of Drew’s Books And Save $! (Paperback)
Sam Wike
Saltwater Bootcamp

If you want to dive in to the world of saltwater tying without spending hundreds of hours on YouTube trying to decide who is legit… this pack of book from Chicone has everything you need and a ton of creative ideas and information to inspire you.

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes

Great book, i been tying for a short while, and i learned some valuable techniques.

Excellent book

Best instructions for the Simram that I've been able to find anywhere!

Permit Flies Combo (eBook)
Shawn Wayment DVM
Great Guide

Excellent book and easy to follow illustrations for tying. Can’t wait to use my flies for Cuba and Belize! Thanks for making these Drew!


Square Rubber Legs
Michael Hopkins
Perfect !!!!

Perfect !!!

Great light

are rubber legs

I have not started using them just yet. I do have a crab pattern started, but they are not completed yet. When completed, I will respond with more detail. I do like the square shape, flexability and color of the legs. Cool product.

Excellent book

Easy to read and follow while tying. Great patterns for bonefish

Great light! Awesome LED illumination from two angles

Mounts to my Regal vise. I don’t find the base useful, but if you are looking to connect to the neck of your vise it works perfectly in that capacity as well. This is a quality light, not some junky purchase. On/off switch allows one to keep it plugged in 👍👍

Excellent service!

I ordered the square rubber legs that worked perfectly in the pattern I was tying. Drew got these mailed out right away! Will definitely purchase from Drew again.

Good book of saltwater flies

Tips Tricks and Feathers

Enjoyed the contents and helpful information. Great for newbies.