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Great content, but a little disappointed

The information in the book is great, definitely useful tips, but I was expecting additional information. The "book" is word for word the same as the SUP fishing article on the website.

Good solid advice

I’ve been tying for decades and it never occurred to me that I was winding thread tight with my wrapping technique. Great observation. This compilation of tips and tricks for feather handling is a great resource, particularly for those younger tiers who may be cutting their teeth on synthetics more than natural materials. Nice work.

Perfect and simple

Thank you for writing it. It was just what I needed
Covered all the topics I was wonder about. Simple.

Tim’s review

Works for me, will use going forward.

SUP eBook

I live on the water in Naples, FL. I’ve been looking for a portable fishing platform,
but hadn’t considered a SUP……it makes sense. Casting sitting down is a big problem for me. Drew covered everything I needed to know…….I highly recommend it.

Dyna king pro vise

Good quality. Just the vise I had been looking for for tying large hook flies. I would definitely recommend this vise.

Great Tips For Beginners

All of the tips in the Feathers article will not be found another tying guides, but they are simple ways to make tying feathers easier with less wasted material. Thanks for the article.

Redfish Flies

8 Great saltwater flies with very clear tying instructions and great photos of the tying steps

Easy read and helpful

I've watched a lot of youtube videos but this book helped me close a few gaps in my tying. It is concise, easy to read and follow.

Tips on Dealing with Feathers

Some good tips.

Aunt Lydia’s for Strong Arms

I’m happy to have Salty Fly Tying offer Aunt Lydia’s. I’ve been a fan for more than twenty years. I have a stock pile but not all the colors I need. I am tying Skok’s Strong Arm Merkins for customers to fish in Belize and Florida. I am fishing SAM’s for redfish in Texas. Results have been very good.

Great resource for those wanting to tie with natural materials

When you decide to delve into using natural materials vs synthetics to tie flies, the degree of difficulty definetly goes up. Drew's "Feathers-Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes" is a great resource for the different techniques specific to using feathers as well as helping with the selection process. Living in South Florida fishing for large predators in both fresh and salt, Drew's focus on fly durability is a bonus. I have since ordered Snook Flies - 2.

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistake

It’s a brief read packed with information. They say a picture captures a thousand words. The illustrations is certainly testimony to this. Read this book again and again and learn - packed with detailed information.

Coyote Tails
randy hutchins
Coyote tail

Perfect tail with long and varied fur. Arrived in a timely manner, overall I’m very pleased.

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

Very useful

I just started tying, so I have basically just taken what I’ve heard in random tying videos and used that for everything, such as spin the thread counter clockwise to chord up the thread. Your tip to do just the opposite when tying feathers to flatten it out makes perfect sense, and also making loose wraps and then pulling up on the thread to keep the feather on top has helped for more than just feathers.

Largemouth Bass Flies (eBook)

Chicone’s Crusher Legs
Captain Russ Shirley
Great products, communication and fast delivery!

One of my favorite fly tying suppliers, thanks Drew.


VERY IMPRESSED with the LED DUAL HEAD Fly Tying Light! Colors POP, No shadows and, best of all, they don’t put off much heat. THANKS DREW!!


If your like me and you don’t have the best lighting in your tying area, this light is a must have. It’s easy to position the lights right where you want them and make every wrap count! It’s made very well with a solid base and should last a long time.

Bench Lite

Love it.

Great tips! Very useful

Well written

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes is a well written, to the point publication. Seasoned tiers can use this tutorial to fine tune their skills. A new tier can easily understand and follow Drew's techniques and become a better tier early in the game.

Another Excellent Publication!

I started tying flies when I was eight years old, that’s sixty years ago! With each one of Drew’s books I learn something new. “Largemouth Bass Flies” is no exception and it is extremely informative. Drew’s writing, photography and tying instructions are excellent! A great mix of his own patterns along with those of some other great tiers and fly fishermen. Drew’s tying tips and techniques are extraordinary. One good pattern or unique technique is well worth the cost of the book. You have come a long way since “Feather Brain.” By the way, I reference “Feather Brain” all the time. All the best to you Drew and keep up the good work!

LED desktop tying light

Each light provides 220 lumens, each unit comes with 2 positionable lights, if your space can handle 2 of these I would suggest it! Super bright and looks cool for you fly tying nerds like myself.