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The Best of the Best

Here's why I think Drew's books are among the best:

* Relevant patterns
* Easy to follow instructions with photos
* Hints, tips, and tricks offered along the way
* Background and history about each fly

Guessing I'll buy them all!

Great help getting me to the next level of SUP fishing

I’ve been Flyfishing off my BOTE HD for a year or so now. This book res helped me dial in on a few things that I was missing. It’s made my fishing much more organized

Redfish Flies Combo (Paperback)

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes

Excellent book. Very informative. Answers many questions about using feathers that have bothered me for years. Explains in very easy terms why feathers behave the way they do when we tie them in, and allows us to avoid the pitfalls.

Permit flies for my trip to Bahamas

Just what I needed to tie up a box for my upcoming Bahamas trip. Great step by step info on each pattern, and I really love the interviews with their creators! Helps to know the "why" of the fly, even if we can't understand the "why" of this crazy fish!

never able to download it

I was never able to download and the whole process felt like a scam to get me into the sales website.

Square Rubber Legs
Cesare Buzzi Ferraris
Efficient and helpful

Everything was fine and when I needed some clarification on delivery time Drew was immediately available to help and give support

Square Rubber Legs
John Hedges
Rubber legs review

Bought square legs to tie contraband crab pattern for Cuba trip. They are still difficult to use but it is getting easier. I just can't get round rubber legs to work even if I use glue on the knots

Square Rubber Legs
gabriel dezendorf
Excellent tying material.

The gray square rubber legs are perfect for the sand crab flats patterns I’m tying. They may not be as perfect as the Contraband Crab, but I am certain they will catch fish. And grey is a perfect base color to change to anything.

Coyote Fur
Douglas Dusel
Coyote Shrimp

Drew, love the fur and tail! I use the tail for the “head” of the shrimp as it is squirrelly and looks like it will hold its shape better. The body hair, I dub loop it from your recommendation, and trim from the bead eyes to the shrimp head in a wedge. The color and movement of these two materials, FANTASTIC!! Thank you again, now on to some Pinfish bait patterns with the coyote tail!

Feather Brain Review

Honestly this book has taken my thought process and tying ability to a whole new level. The amount of detail that I was not even taking into consideration is mind blowing, I am only about 40 pages in and I have already seen major improvement in my process when I sit down at the vise. I highly recommend this book and his other species specific fly books!! His redfish flies 2 book has been an awesome read and step by step to level up my tying game!!

Feathers tips/tricks review

Lots of great info here with pictures to aid understanding. I’ve been tying for a long time and found several immediately useful tips I was not aware of. Nice job Drew!

Lydia’s yarn

The original, very easy to tie with.

Square Rubber Legs
Robert Johnson
Square rubber legs

I did not read the description closely, and did not know they were gray, but Drew replaced them. His service is excellent!!

Lively as all get out

These rubber legs will add tons of life to any flies that you think need that sort of thing.

Great Resource with Room for More

I hope Drew Chicone is going to expand on this book. It's a great starter resource, but I think there's a lot more to be discovered in this world of SUP fly fishing.

very educational

learned some neat tricks

Redfish Flies 2 (eBook)
joseph johnston
Redfish Flies 2

Excellent book, highly recommend

Feather Brain

Awesome, informative book. The detailed instructions on preparing and even creating materials has really helped my fly tying. Great stories of how the featured patterns came to be, and why they catch fish. I tied some variations of the asphyxiator fly in purple and green on size 02 TMC U502 hooks with purple grizzly tail, and hackle, large black/green dumbbell eyes, and silver doctor blue guinea feather clipped hackle in front of the eyes. They have been lots of fun for local bass in Oregon.

Saltwater Specialty Flies

Great book! Love the signed copy.

My order was in the envelope and ready for shipment literally within minutes - and was actually a combination of two orders.

That definitely works for me


The Flies

I just started to get into fly fishing and tying files. I started watching YouTube videos and almost all of your Instagram quick fly tie reels as will. Your books explain everything and they have the materials listed which is a big help for me. I love your books and work.


No matter your experience level you will learn new techniques and strategies.


Wonderful fly tying book. Great techniques and tying info.