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Square Rubber Legs
Enrique Fontova
Square rubber legs

Very fast and more than satisfied with the purchase.

Permit Flies 2

Absolutely excellent! Very well done and thought out great detail step by step. This book and the way Drew writes it makes you feel as if you are tying beside him. There are great tips intertwined throughout the steps in this book which only adds to the depth of knowledge. The fly pattern selection and intelligence behind them is second to none and without a doubt catch fish!
Thank you Drew for all innovation and sharing.
Best -
Chris Ryan

Snook flies 1&2

Great instructions and insight to snook.

Permit Flies 2 (Paperback)
Kenneth Zaloudek
Snook flies 1&2

Great instruction and insight to snook.

Permit Flies 2 (eBook)
Andrew Morgan
Permit Flys

Great book really enjoyed it

Well worth the price

Excellent tutorial on eight fantastic but somewhat technical Permit flies known to catch Bones too. The “Gobster” is spectacular and should whack’em. Can’t wait to try them in Belize next week. Stay tuned for a follow up report.
Bob .S. “One Last Cast”

Permit Flies two

Excellent book, as all of your books. I’ve already tied two flies from it. I enjoy reading the interview of the person who designed the fly. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next book.

Snook flies 1&2

Very informative and user friendly.

Well written, succinct, informative intro to SUP fly fishing

Concise overview of SUP types, how to organize your SUP for fishing, techniques, and recommended supplemental equipment to make your SUP ready for fishing from day one.

Great Tips

I’ve been fly fishing from a paddle board for a couple years, and these are some great tips. Highly recommended if you want to try fishing from a paddle board.

Perfect for Merkins

Have been tying merkins with EP for a couple of years now simply as a result of it being what I had. First time tying with this yarn and love the result. Tend to come out cleaner and make a more symmetrical profile and all and all just easier to work with. Get it while you can.

Snook Flies (eBook)
Michael Glowacki
My favorite fly tying book

Easy to understand step by step pictures for tying each fly. I love that each chapter explains why the fly was created and how to fish it. I can’t wait to get volume II.

Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes

Good information about common problems. I will keep the book and review when tying with feathers.

I really enjoyed this e-book it was very informative and gave me a better understanding on how to setup a sup for fishing.

New to SUP Fishing

The ebook was very helpful. I like the definative nature of it. Drew says what he likes and what he has narrowed down for himself. Great time saver for the rest of us who don’t have the time to fine tune our rigs.

Very Helpful

For someone like myself who avoids tying with feathers, I found the information in this book to be very beneficial. I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with feathers

Helped with my decision

After reading the guide to paddle board fishing I went out and purchased my own paddle board. It was my best move ever

Great content, but a little disappointed

The information in the book is great, definitely useful tips, but I was expecting additional information. The "book" is word for word the same as the SUP fishing article on the website.

Good solid advice

I’ve been tying for decades and it never occurred to me that I was winding thread tight with my wrapping technique. Great observation. This compilation of tips and tricks for feather handling is a great resource, particularly for those younger tiers who may be cutting their teeth on synthetics more than natural materials. Nice work.

Perfect and simple

Thank you for writing it. It was just what I needed
Covered all the topics I was wonder about. Simple.

Tim’s review

Works for me, will use going forward.

SUP eBook

I live on the water in Naples, FL. I’ve been looking for a portable fishing platform,
but hadn’t considered a SUP……it makes sense. Casting sitting down is a big problem for me. Drew covered everything I needed to know…….I highly recommend it.

Dyna king pro vise

Good quality. Just the vise I had been looking for for tying large hook flies. I would definitely recommend this vise.

Great Tips For Beginners

All of the tips in the Feathers article will not be found another tying guides, but they are simple ways to make tying feathers easier with less wasted material. Thanks for the article.

Redfish Flies

8 Great saltwater flies with very clear tying instructions and great photos of the tying steps