Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

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After teaching fly tying for several years, I have come to the realization that feathers cause more confusion and frustration than any other material. For both beginning fly tiers and seasoned pros alike (Yours Truly included), keeping them secured straight and even on the hook is a onerous chore that can suck the fun right out of fly tying. For that reason I created this free eBook to help you along the way.

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Customer Reviews

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Feathers- Tips, Tricks , and Common Mistakes

l saw Drew’s ebook on his website and got it to help me as I begin to learn saltwater tying. His straight forward information was easy to understand and brought out points I never considered when using feathers on flies. Everything made a lot more sense and l had more fun and less frustration from making far less mistakes. This book is a step in the right direction for beginning saltwater fly tyers of any fly pattern.
This book also convinced me to buy Drew’s book Feather Brain.

Great Intro Book

After starting to tie based off of YouTube videos, they don’t really give you the “why” of what you’re doing. This simple book almost seems too simple. But learning good technique and getting a good foundation is incredibly important. Phenomenal beginner book.

Amazing Resource

Great resource with good information and graphics to help understand the art of tying with feathers! Thanks Drew!

Feather Brain

The methods and points on materials handling in “Feather Brain” have really impacted my tying. A number of things I was struggling with on learning to tie traditional and standard patterns (even though I have tied them for years) were improved by the methods described and the excellent photos.
The fly design scheme and thoughts on systematic consideration of the how and why of design of patterns and material choices, the connection to the biological reality of predator and prey represent a novel and very effective approach that is a step forward over years of salt water fly pattern books.

Even as a long time fly fisher (dating from a boyhood in South Florida) and fly tyer who has for years tied the flies I used and use in salt, trout and warm water fishing, I am enjoying and working for a “rebirth” in my fly tying skills. “Feather Brain” has been an important part of my tying renaissance.

Very short book without a lot of new information

Nothing negative about Drew, who is a great fly-tier, but I didn't realize that the book would be only 29 pages--seven of which have no tips at all, and would have one tip about feathers per page: one about picking matching feathers from opposite sides of the cape; one that has the title "Keeping Feathers from Spinning" with no tips, followed by 14 pages with one tip on each page. If I'd known how little was in the book, I wouldn't have purchased.

Old dogs can learn new tricks

Great ideas I hadn’t considered. Really appreciate the detailed photos.


Very easy to follow and detailed photos.

Feathers - Tips Tricks & Common Mistakes

A needed resource for feather handling - salt or freshwater patterns.

Feathers tips,tricks and common mistakes

Hi drew I really enjoyed your ebook on feathers, tips tricks and common mistakes.
I found it very helpful and informative and has greatly helped with my tying techniques using feathers.


Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)