Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes (eBook)

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After teaching fly tying for several years, I have come to the realization that feathers cause more confusion and frustration than any other material. For both beginning fly tiers and seasoned pros alike (Yours Truly included), keeping them secured straight and even on the hook is a onerous chore that can suck the fun right out of fly tying. For that reason I created this free eBook to help you along the way.

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Customer Reviews

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Brad West
Good visual primer for feather usage in fly tying

This is a quick read, but a worthwhile one if you're new to using feathers in tying saltwater flies.

Craig Jameson
Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes

Great book, i been tying for a short while, and i learned some valuable techniques.


Good book of saltwater flies

Elvin Dosser (Jeff)
Tips Tricks and Feathers

Enjoyed the contents and helpful information. Great for newbies.

Jim H
Keep Tips and Tricks handy by your tying bench

I have been tying for around 45 years and yet still learned new things from Drew’s ebook "Feathers - Tips, Tricks & Common Mistakes”. It is true when they say you are never to old to learn something new. And that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Raymond Kent
Finally got the help I needed.

I've avoided using married hackles for years because I could never get them to lay correctly. Just a quick read through Drew's ebook, and a little practice, and problems solved. Thanks, Drew!

Michael L
Drew is a master

Prior to downloading and reading the tips from the Feathers eBook, I had purchased Drew's "Feather Brain." If you want tremendous insight into everything about fly tying, this guy knows what he is talking about.


Great perspective on feathers with lots of helpful tips!

William Yingst
Feathers-Tips, Tricks and Common Mistakes (e book)

Well written, concise reference on using feathers in fly tying. I will be using this mini manual as I start my fly tying experience!!

Ed Slawson
Even old dogs can learn new tricks

Very well written, I found a couple of ways to do things easier.