Square Rubber Legs
Square Rubber Legs
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Square Rubber Legs

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Tying Up Contraband or Bauer’s Crabs and Need Square Rubber Legs? WE GOT’EM!

From what I have deduced from scouring the old interweb, they don’t make square rubber legs anymore. It took me 2 years to find a supply of them, and when I found them through a friend of a friend, I bought all I could get. I have been getting all kinds of requests for square rubber legs since my Contraband Crab article came out in Fly Tyer Magazine, so I decided to share and sell off some of my private stash!

Knotted square rubber legs allow the segment below the knot to be position in a rearward facing direction giving this pattern a very realistic silhouette. This is very difficult to do with smaller diameter silicone or round rubber legs, and they do not provide the same silhouette or movement.

Unlike standard fly tying legs, square rubber legs come on one big strip of rubber and are fused together. Each strip contains 16 fused strips of legs that can be easily pulled apart in to individual strips. I cut them fused strips in to 2 1/4" sections for my Contraband Crab or Bauer’s Crab pattern, but for larger patterns you may want to go to 2 1/2".

Each package of sold contains one 10" piece of fused gray square rubber, which can be cut down to whatever size you like. I would recommend going with four 2 1/2" pieces, that way you end up with 64 - 2 1/2" legs. This gives you plenty of material to easily tie the knots in. Once you have the knots in the strip, roll the knot to position the leg in what ever direction you would like.

I have a very limited supply that I’m willing to part with, so get them while supplies last!

Sold as a 10" Strip of gray square rubber containing individual 16 strands.

Pick up your Square Rubber Legs While Supplies Last!

For step by step instructions on how to tie the Contraband Crab, check out the winter 2015 issue of Fly tyer Magazine (www.flytyer.com) or stay tuned to www.saltyflytying.com for my latest book.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Patrick Brown
Square rubber legs

Great square legs get them while you can can’t find them anywhere else yet. Crabs galore!

Vinnie M
The best rubber legs for crab flies.

I was painstakingly cutting rubber bands long ways to create legs for my crab flies. These rubber legs are much easier to work with and save me a bunch of time.

Cesare Buzzi Ferraris
Efficient and helpful

Everything was fine and when I needed some clarification on delivery time Drew was immediately available to help and give support

John Hedges
Rubber legs review

Bought square legs to tie contraband crab pattern for Cuba trip. They are still difficult to use but it is getting easier. I just can't get round rubber legs to work even if I use glue on the knots

gabriel dezendorf
Excellent tying material.

The gray square rubber legs are perfect for the sand crab flats patterns I’m tying. They may not be as perfect as the Contraband Crab, but I am certain they will catch fish. And grey is a perfect base color to change to anything.

Robert Johnson
Square rubber legs

I did not read the description closely, and did not know they were gray, but Drew replaced them. His service is excellent!!

Brandon Yocham
Incredibly durable and don’t dissolve when they come in contact with adhesive’s

Out of all the rubber legs I’ve used for tying permit and bone flies. These are by far some of the best durability wise. Often times when working with adhesives many legs on the market will dissolve or get kinks in them when they come in contact with the clue. But with these square legs that wasn’t the case which was nice. Also I’ve noticed when working with these legs they are very strong and will definitely be able to take a beating in salt water without breaking constantly. And they also hold permanent ink very well if you wish to color your flies.

Dave Aldous

These square rubber legs are just the thing for imitating crab legs. They are beefy enough to hold knots yet not so big to be fake in appearance. My only request is they be available in a few colors.

Enrique Fontova
Square rubber legs

Very fast and more than satisfied with the purchase.

Nick Seiler
Salty Materials

Exactly as described and lightning fast shipping! DO NOT hesitate to buy anything from Drew, top notch quality and service!
Thank You!