LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light

LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light

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When you're looking to get up close and personal with your flies, a great fly tying light is is of the utmost importance. For the vast majority of tyers, our fly-tying space closely resembles a dungeon. Sound familiar, a beat-up bench, a vise, and mountains of materials crammed into a poorly lit back-office or basement. Unless your bench is lit up like an ER's surgery unit, a good desk lamp or two is an absolute must.

Finding said desk lamp was much harder than I anticipated, so let me save you some time. For years I was dissatisfied with what the fly tying industry or even hobby stores had to offer. Painfully, I poked around all the usual home and decor-type stores and even did a few laps around that Ultra Modern Swedish Store IKEA, but no dice. Until I found this little gem, I couldn't seem to find a desk lamp that would fit the bill.

Enter the Dual LED Pro Lamp.

At first glance, I thought how much light can those two little cans provide, but I was pleasantly surprised and downright amazed by the illumination emitted. You can see in the photos how it shines brightly on the fly. The light given off is also a cool white color, not a harsh orange or yellow, so it works excellent for photography, and it won't mess with your color perception of the materials.

The two heads are easily adjustable to nearly any position, so you can shine the light from the top and bottom of your fly simultaneously if need be, making a considerable difference with shadows. The lamp comes with a hefty base, as well as a C-Clamp if you want to screw it down in place.

I've been able to grab a few of these to sell at a discount to fellow fly tyers because I know all too well the investment that goes into tying high-quality flies - the better your equipment, the better your flies will turn out, and if there's one thing you need, it's to be able to see!

I use 2 of these on my desk, as you can see in the photos, and the added illumination makes tying flies of any size much more manageable.

Pick up one or two for your bench today!

Customer Reviews

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JP Meyer
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Light

Was looking for a light for my portable tying kit/bag. This light is PERFECT! Lightweight, without the base (table clamp and weighted base come with it), bright, and perfectly adjustable. Considering replacing the LED’s on my home bench with a pair of these. Would highly recommend.

dual fly tying light

I recently purchased the dual light fly tying light, and I think it's fantastic. The lights are bright and easy to position. the base is stable, and its affordable. I had been looking for a high quality tying light for a long time, and the options I found were either marginally useful (but affordable), or outrageously expensive. Very happy with this product. RIght now I am wrapping guides on a custom flyrod using tiny silk thread (a 6' 2 wt fiberglass- no, definitely not salty, unless flyfishing for mullet is a thing?) , and this product has made a drastic improvement in wrapping quality and speed. I look forward to tying some flies with the improved lighting! Thanks Drew!

Eduardo Vargas Aguilar
LED Dual Head Fly Tying Ligh

Great helping light in a small package.

I like it

My tying area is in the bottom portion of a raised ranch with very little natural light. I have accumulated quite the collection of lights in order to see what I need. The Dual Head LED light adds a bit more brightness to my station. The beam is narrow and focuses quite well on my vise. Well worth it.

Diana DeVito
AWESOM light!

Finally I can see to tie those tiny 20-24 flies!

William Andrews
LED Dual head fly tying light

Love the new light. With the dual head it enables you to see your fly at any angle and eliminates shadows and is great for taking pictures or capturing your work on video. Great light!

Scott Denton
Awesome Lights!

I picked up 2 of the LED Dual Head Lights for my fly tying desk. Wow, what a difference. Less space than the 2 light set up I used previously, double the lamps and more than double the amount of light. This really reduces my eye strain and improves my ability to see detail. Excellent product!

Todd Brown

VERY IMPRESSED with the LED DUAL HEAD Fly Tying Light! Colors POP, No shadows and, best of all, they don’t put off much heat. THANKS DREW!!

Chris Calvert

If your like me and you don’t have the best lighting in your tying area, this light is a must have. It’s easy to position the lights right where you want them and make every wrap count! It’s made very well with a solid base and should last a long time.

Steven Patrick Worsham
Bench Lite

Love it.