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Drew Chicone

Drew Chicone is an author, award-winning outdoor writer and fly designer, photographer, lecturer, and materials expert, whose passion for teaching the art of fly tying has inspired numerous how-to articles, books, and detailed instructional guides. He has lived and breathed the sport since he was tall enough to sit at the vise, and his fly creations are well known and in high demand among saltwater anglers and guides across the globe.

Drew has been an F.F.F. Certified Casting Instructor and commercial fly tyer for more than a decade. He is a designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, and his patterns are sold in quality fly shops and have appeared in over 70 U.S. and international publications. He is the winner of the 2016 and 2017 International Fly Tackle Dealer Best in Show Saltwater Fly Pattern Award, as well as the 2014 I.F.T.D. Iron Fly.

At the beginning of 2018, Drew partnered with Wild River Press books to publish three new titles; “Top Saltwater Flies - Bonefish,” “Top Saltwater Flies - Tarpon,” and “Top Saltwater Flies - Permit.” It’s the most extensive tying-instruction series on the subject ever published. The hardcover set is available for sale at www.topsaltwaterflies.com.

Other Chicone titles include:

In addition to his ongoing work as an educator, Drew ties premium saltwater flies for sale through his company: Salty Fly Tying. He is the Director at Maven Rods U.S.A., the co-founder of Strip Strike University, and frequently hosts destination schools and fishing adventures anywhere saltwater species swim. Drew is an Ambassador for the American Museum of Fly Fishing, Keep Fish Wet, Patagonia, Costa Del Mar, C.T.S., Mavin, Dyna-King, Traeger Grills, and Bote Paddle Boards. He holds pro-staff positions for Nautilus Reels, Airflo Fly Lines, Gamakatsu Hooks, and many other premium fly fishing manufacturers.

For more information about Drew, his latest works, and hosted trips, visit www.saltyflytying.com, or follow him @drchicone on Instagram. Chicone lives in Ft. Myers, Florida, with his wife, Susan, and their daughter Lucy.


What people are saying about Drew Chicone:

I've watched Drew teach youngsters and seniors to tie flies, a process requiring much patience, without losing his calm poise and friendly manner.
- Eric Leiser, Author of The Complete Book of Fly Tying

Chicone has given new life to the art of salt water fly tying. His demonstrations are entertaining, concise and memorable. His original patterns are truly ground-breaking.
Joe Mahler, Author of Essential Knots & Rigs for Salt Water

Drew’s knowledge of the sport is detailed and extensive. In addition, he is innovative and highly talented in the art of designing and tying flies.
- Norm Zeigler, Author of Snook On A Fly

For someone who has never done this before I could see how this could be overwhelming, but Drew keeps it simple and easy to learn. Drew has gift for teaching!
- Tim Horne, Drew's Student

He is able to teach tricks of the trade that he has learned from his many years of experience that help overcome some of the more challenging parts of the craft. I cannot say enough about the impact Drew has had on the quality of the flies that I am able to tie.
- Brian D. Bovard, Ph.D., Drew's Student