Paddle Board Fly Fishing - A Beginner's Guide to SUP (eBook)

Paddle Board Fly Fishing - A Beginner's Guide to SUP (eBook)

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As a fly designer and avid fly angler, I spend an extensive amount of time on the water analyzing fish, their diet and feeding behaviors so I can create highly effective flies. Testing my flies while remaining undetected is paramount. One of my favorite ways to get out there and present my feathery creations is on my SUP.

After 5 years of testing and tweaking my flies from a paddle board, (which equates to over 1,000 hours of SUP fly fishing) I have become comfortable and successful fishing from this platform. I have also fine tuned how I like to rig my SUP and fish from it. I like to have the minimal amount of gear on the board as possible … and what I bring, are the bare essentials to be comfortable, safe, and effective fishing.

In an effort to share what I have learned, and fast track your SUP fly fishing success, I have distilled my experiences, trials and errors, down into a detailed instructional guide.

In this 25 page eBook I discuss:

  • Why SUPs are so effective for fly fishing
  • Pro’s and con’s between models
  • How I set up my board
  • Fly fishing best practices
  • Other key gear and essentials

The detailed instructions and clear photos in this book will ensure you have the know how needed to set up and get started fishing off your own SUP as efficiently as possible on day 1.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gregory Torres
Great content, but a little disappointed

The information in the book is great, definitely useful tips, but I was expecting additional information. The "book" is word for word the same as the SUP fishing article on the website.

jeff bernaeyge
Perfect and simple

Thank you for writing it. It was just what I needed
Covered all the topics I was wonder about. Simple.

John S
SUP eBook

I live on the water in Naples, FL. I’ve been looking for a portable fishing platform,
but hadn’t considered a SUP……it makes sense. Casting sitting down is a big problem for me. Drew covered everything I needed to know…….I highly recommend it.

Tim Norman
Informative and fun read

Drew’s introduction to fishing on a SUP is a quick read packed with many real life applications and reasoning why he finds SUPs better for his fishing trips. I enjoyed the tips that he included for setting up the board best for a fishing platform. I look forward to reading more of Drew’s books on fishing and fly tying!

Judson m Taylor
A different perspective

This was a great way to look at how someone else has built their own system. I primarily fish from a boat and am currently rebuilding a skiff. This helped me take a step back and think about only the necessities.

Antony Brouwers
Awesome informative for paddle board fly fishing

Great help to start with paddle board fly fishing.

GLEN Davis

Paddle Board Fly Fishing - A Beginner's Guide to SUP (eBook)

Robert McAfee
Planning on purchasing a Paddle board - Read this book!

Very informative and a little mind blowing. As a Kayaker in Florida I was a little skeptical about a paddle board back in the mangroves. But after reading this book I can see myself using one of these, specifically the inflatables.

Lots to Explore in a Different Way!

My husband I and love to fly fish from our kayaks, but sight casting is close to impossible from a sitting position. We hadn’t really explored fly fishing from an SUP, and Drew’s ebook is loaded with great tips and tricks. From his research, Drew demonstrates the SUP is clearly a viable option that provides access to super skinny water, excellent visual perspective, and still stable enough to get you where you want to go! Loved the opportunity to learn more about it!

Richard Fessler
Great Intro Book

Well written and explained introduction to SUP fishing. Can't wait to try it out!