Baby Tarpon Flies (eBook)

Baby Tarpon Flies (eBook)

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Baby Tarpon Flies – 6 Proven Patterns For Catching Juvenile Tarpon

Baby tarpon are nothing more than a miniature version of the majestic goliaths found daisy chaining off of the beaches and laid up in the back bays however for some reason . . . they are treated like an entirely different species. I can't think of another fish that is specifically targeted in its juvenile stages.

Much like the mosquitoes here in Florida, baby tarpon can thrive in just about any body of water from drainage ditches to golf ponds, and they are effectively pursued on foot or by personal watercraft. The smaller fish feed primarily on zooplankton, insects, and minuscule fish found in their fresh or brackish estuaries. As they get a little bigger they will consume larger fish, crabs, and shrimp. Even though they forage on a wide array of prey, they can still be a little picky when it comes to taking a fly. Honing in on what they are eating and the location in the water column where they are eating it is all part of choosing the right fly. They might be smaller, but the five to ten pounders are equally as aggressive and acrobatic as the adults and just as hard to keep hooked. For me and so many other fly fisherman, this is what makes catching them so appealing.

The classic and contemporary baby tarpon patterns included in this book have proven effective in a number of different conditions and fishing scenarios. Baby Tarpon Flies contains detailed step-by-step instructions for tying Lefty Kreh's Deceiver, Flip Pallot's Prince of Tides, and Chicone's: Coyote Disco Shrimp, Peppermint Punisher, M.I.A. Anchovy, and Micro Mangrove Cannibal, 6 proven patterns for catching baby tarpon.

This is a 189-page eBook, illustrated with ultra-high resolution images.

Customer Reviews

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Charles Foschini
A Mathamatical Approach to Fly Tying

I learned early from my father a noted scientist -that did not fish - that most hard problems are just a series of easy problems strung together. If you break them down the answers will be come apparent. I feel this way about all of Drew’s books. The patterns are very effective and well described. But the step by step photo by photo break down sets them apart. He makes them all “easy ties” however long and complicated they may actually be. I highly recommend all of his books and greatly enjoy them in both E and hard cover format. Most of all from the Bahamas to Biscayne Bay and Sanibel to the secrest spots of the glades the fish seem to love them as much as my dad enjoyed solving problems.

Wayne Middleton
Another great publication from Drew

Every book has great photography and instructions. I learn something new with each book and cannot wait for the next one to come out! Keep up the good work Drew!

Ryan Maysonet
Awesome Book

Great book. Well written and illustrated. I have yet to find a Chicone pattern that is as effective as it looks.

John Wilson
Baby tarpon flies is so much more than just tying instructions

Drew's book shows some of his favorite proven patterns and how to tie them properly using good material handling but it also tells us why these materials work in the way they are tied in. No one else does this in videos or books. He also asks legendary Tarpon fisher's experience wither their flies to explain how to entice Baby Tarpon to take. That's really what we all want to know. Great book, thanks Drew.