Redfish Flies Combo (Paperback)

Redfish Flies Combo (Paperback)

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Buy  Redfish Flies 1 & 2 together and save 10%!

The eBook version of the Redfish Flies Combo is available for immediate download here.

From the Keys to the Carolinas and every grass flat and oyster bar in between, together, Redfish Flies 1 & 2 provides you with the know-how to create productive Redfish patterns for any estuary.

Together they provide 352 pages, illustrated with ultra-hi-resolution images, insights, and interviews from saltwater fly tiers, guides, and gurus.

This selection of flies will ensure you are ready for just about anything the magenta monsters can throw at you. There’s no guesswork here; This two-book bundle contains detailed step-by-step instructions for tying 16 proven patterns essential for catching Redfish in almost any scenario!

  • The Kung Fu Blue Crab
  • Ratliff’s Fiddle Sticks Crab
  • Andrews Pine Island Ice Tea
  • Stroman’s Budagrassy Shrimp
  • Kincaid’s Rump Shaker
  • Costadura’s Grass Monkey
  • Laminack’s Gulf Shrimp
  • Reed’s Batman
  • Flip Pallot’s Bushwood
  • Cave’s Wobbler"
  • Epoxy Spoon Flies
  • Mylar Spoon Flies
  • Bailey’s Claw Seaducer
  • Bailey’s No Name Shrimp
  • Chicone’s Swamp Cabbage Shrimp,
  • Chicone’s Modified Tampa Bay Redfish Fly

    For more info about each ebook, check them out here:
    Redfish Flies
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    If you care about catching redfish on fly you really need to get these books. As a tyer you really cannot get anything better. These books are excellent for non-tyers as well as the info will help you be a better fly fisherman. By the way these books (the redfish combo) will help you catch snook, bonefish, and baby tarpon. Drew has given us a wonderful trove of fly fishing & fly tying knowledge.

    Bill Falconer
    Great Benchside References

    I'm an experienced tier and don't need the 'instruction' per se but these books are thoughtful, entertaining, and informative. Lots of thought process and useful insights between the lines. And as always excellent and detailed photographs.

    Michael Martin
    Redfish fly 1&2

    Awesome! Easy to follow even for a beginner like myself and effective. Already caught fish with the patters in these books. Thanks Drew you’re the best bro!

    John McCoppin

    Redfish Flies Combo (Paperback)