Redfish Flies (Paperback or Hardcover)

Redfish Flies (Paperback or Hardcover)

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Eight proven patterns for catching redfish

Crustaceans, shrimp, crabs, oysters, worms, pinfish, baitfish… dead or alive, it doesn’t really matter, redfish are opportunistic feeders and they eat just about everything. So catching them on fly should be easy right?

Not for me… For years redfish were my “White Wale” on fly. Too spooky, near misses, had ’em and lost ’em, terrible tides, you name the excuse I heard it or said it. For the vast majority of us, catching redfish on fly is just not that easy… and tying and designing flies for them, takes a little more than luck and a sharp hook.

“Redfish Flies” is loaded to the gills with ultra high resolution photography illustrating how to tie and fish some of todays best redfish patters. Guides and guru’s from Florida to Louisiana and everywhere in between have contributed their go-to redfish bugs. There’s no guess work here, Redfish Flies has elaborate step-by-step instructions for tying these eight proven redfish flies will walk you through the process of creating flies that work. Insightful interviews with each patterns creator will help you understand what conditions the fly is best suited for, and how the fly should be fished. Stunning photos from renowned photographers Pat Ford, Adrian Gray and David McCleaf will awe and inspire you to dust off your vise and get tying!

The eight pattens outlined in Redfish Flies have been fine-tuned and rigorously tested on countless grass flats, oyster bars and mangrove shorelines. Tying and stocking your box with this proven assortment of flies will ensure you have the ammunition need to coax even the most refined redfish, and the insight provided in the interviews of the contributing guides and tying guru’s will help you understand what factors need to be consider to create your own productive redfish flies.

Step-by-step tying instructions for tying the Kung Fu Blue Crab, Fiddle Sticks Crab, Pine Island Ice Tea, Budagrassy Shrimp, Rump Shaker, Grass Monkey,Gulf Shrimp, and the Batman. Eight proven patterns for catching redfish.

Insights from eight saltwater fly tiers, including Drew Chicone, Capt. Ron Ratliff, Capt. Daniel Andrews, Drei Stroman, Chris Kincaid, Capt. Joe Costadura, Bill Laminack, and Don Reed.

Redfish Flies is a 175 page paperback illustrated with ultra-hi resolution images.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Lensey
The Flies

I just started to get into fly fishing and tying files. I started watching YouTube videos and almost all of your Instagram quick fly tie reels as will. Your books explain everything and they have the materials listed which is a big help for me. I love your books and work.

William Ramsdell
Great book

Very well illustrated and explained. It would have been nice to see all of the flies on one page at the beginning so you could go directly to a particular fly you want to tie. Still, the author is a master and I am enjoying it.

Charlie Pike
Redfish Flies

8 Great saltwater flies with very clear tying instructions and great photos of the tying steps

Duane Horn
Super book.

Drew has put together a well written book, full of tying instructions and a back stories of the fly and fly tyer. The book is well illustrated with clear pictures and easily understandable instructions. I am just getting started in tying for salt water and Redfish are my primary target. This book is a great addition to my library. A great value and I will be purchasing additional books in the future.

Ryan Martin
Redfish flies is a must have

For anyone who fly fishes for red fish drew absolutely paves the path through these very descriptive and picturesque pages with the know how and the creativeness of these unique flies. This is an absolute must have for every fly tyer

Stephen Crowder
redfish Fly Tying 1

Great flies to tie for redfish