Saltwater Specialty Flies & Bluewater Flies Combo (eBook)

Saltwater Specialty Flies & Bluewater Flies Combo (eBook)

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As we become more proficient at catching fish, we explore different and often more challenging techniques, and our priorities change. For some, the goal is to catch lots of fish, while others gravitate toward big fish or a specific type of fish. For me, it’s all of the above… I just like catching fish, and thankfully, even though I make a living in the fishing industry, fishing has still remained one of my favorite activities.

After years on the water, I can honestly say that not a trip goes by that I don’t learn something new. The most important lessons are often common sense, though. First, you can’t change the weather; second, you can buy flies, but you can’t buy the cast; and third, as the old saying goes … if you want to have a productive day fishing, “you don’t leave fish to find fish.” And, last but not least, as any good guide knows, you need to take advantage of what the ocean offers at that moment in time. It’s easy to get laser-focused on one angling goal and end up zeroing out for the day. Too often, we pass on an opportunity to just have fun and catch fish. High hopes and unrealistic expectations for a specific size fish or one species can often be blinders to an exciting opportunity right underneath your nose. I can’t count the number of times I wished I would have bought an additional rod or a few specialty flies for those species that aren’t the primary target. Being prepared for numerous species can oftentimes save what could have been a slow or disappointing day on the water.

Some of my most memorable trips have been those where we veered off the intended target species and just had fun catching! This is extremely important to remember when fishing with kids or inexperienced fly anglers, too.

When packing for your next trip, be sure to bring an extra rod and throw a handful of these “Saltwater Specialized and Bluewater Patterns” in your box as well. The selection of flies outlined in these two books has proven effective in countless estuaries around the world. Tying and stocking your box with this comprehensive assortment will ensure you are covered for just about anything you may encounter on the water … and the insight provided in the interviews of the contributing guides and gurus will help you understand what factors need to be considered for choosing which fly to tie on, or creating and fishing your own saltwater pattern.

Saltwater Specialty Flies & Bluewater Flies Combo contains detailed step-by-step instructions for tying;

  • Flips & Bailey’s Bonefish Bunny
  • Pretorious’s Semper Squid
  •  Zanetti’s Genesis Fly
  • Chicone’s Overachiever
  • Chicone’s Mayhem Mole Crab
  • Chicone’s Nightmare Needlefish
  • Chicone’s Murder Chicken
  • Chicone’s Chocolate Contraband 
  • Chicone’s Cocktail Crab 
  • Borski’s Basic Billfish Bug
  • The Hamilton Special
  • Dr’ed Up Se Habit Bucktail
  • The Revised Albie Whore
  • Chicone’s Schooner Squid
  • Chicone’s Pineapple Grenade Pelagic Popper
  • Chicone’s Dirty Mack 
  • Chicone’s M.I.A Anchovie

This 2-eBook set contains 405 pages, illustrated with ultra-hi-resolution images for tying 17 proven patterns.

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