Largemouth Bass Flies (Paperback)

Largemouth Bass Flies (Paperback)

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Largemouth Bass Flies – 7 Effective Patterns For Catching Largemouth Bass

If you’re anything like me, just hearing the words "bass fishing" evokes childhood memories of sweltering hot summers and brightly colored deer hair poppers. Like most "nubie" fly anglers, I cut my teeth catching largemouth bass. Unlike other freshwater species who’s diet consists of a minuscule bugs and worms, a largemouth can and will eat just about anything that hits the water. Although small baitfish, frogs and lizards immediately come to mind, they will also consume small, mammals, birds and even baby alligators…here in FL!

That being said, I did my best to select an assortment of proven patterns for this book that provided a wide array of menu options as well as teach you some fun and new tying techniques for creating your own unique creatures!

The classic and contemporary largemouth bass patterns included in this book have a track record of success in a number of different conditions and fishing scenarios. Largemouth Bass Flies contains detailed step-by-step instructions for tying Leiser's Bass Angus, Mahler’s StrawBoss, CJ's Freaky Frog, Chicone's King Rat, Pineapple Grenade Popper, Sunny Corleone Sunfish, and Carnivore Crayfish. 7 proven patterns for catching Largemouth Bass.

This is a 199-page paperback, illustrated with ultra-high-resolution images.

Customer Reviews

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Great book.

Drew has put together a well written book, full of tying instructions and a back storys of the fly and fly tyer. The book is well illustrated with clear pictures and easily understandable instructions. A great value and I will be purchasing additional books in the future.

Great book!

I found this book very entertaining and the flytying instructions are first class. I've tied up a few of these flies already and enjoyed the whole process. Can't wait to get out fishing with these now.

Nation wide!

Excellent book by the MASTER! We don’t all have easy access to the salt, but bass are everywhere. Great patterns and innovative tying techniques that are productive and educational for all skill levels.

Largemouth book

This book just like all of Drew’s book are very good. Good step by step instructions. Mike Collier