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Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn Colors
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn

Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn

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On the Hunt Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn? 

Fellow fly tyers search no further! After months of scouring craft stores, rummages sales and the internet … I managed to commandeer a nice selection of Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn in the perfect colors for your favorite saltwater patterns, but supplies are limited so act quickly!

It’s no secret that Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn is one of the best materials ever manufactured for emulating saltwater crustaceans.

The sad news is that Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn is no longer being manufactured.

When it was it was produced in a variety colors including several shades of cream, tan and brown which are perfect for shrimp and crab imitation. Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn was manufactured in several different material blends as well, however the one that works best for this application is the 100% Polyester.

Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn does not have a substitute. Many people use Antron yarn as a replacement but Antron is much more stiff and does not have the same sparkle.

Pick Up Your Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn While Supplies Last!

Now Available in 24 Colors While Supplies Last: 

Red, Wood Brown, Yellow, Forest Green, White, Antique Blue, Sunset, Wild Rose, Rust,Black, Brown, Tangerine Orange, Flax, Light Avocado, Grass Green, Antique Gold, Hemlock, Burnt Orange, Natural Cream, Beige, Malt, SP. Green, Lical Purple and Steel Gray

100% Polyester – Each card contains 21′ of Yarn

What make Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn so awesome?

I love this stuff for its translucent sparkly appearance in the water but also for it’s incredible durability! It’s stiff wiry texture that allows you to create much wider profile flies that don’t flatten out when wet like other synthetic materials. Its perfect for saltwater staples like Tarpon Toads, Snapping Shrimp and  Merkins, and I like to spin several colors up in the blender for a ultra realist dubbing blends. It can even be substituted for the wool in Bauer’s Crab Pattern!

Capt. Steve Baileys Snapping Shrimp - Click for pattern SBS

The most notable advantage to dubbing the yarn fibers in a loop, is that this technique provides a wider, fluffier base of fibers that can be sheered to a more lifelike shape. By trimming the tips of the dubbed fibers, they stand up perpendicular to the shank of the hook as apposed to a single strand of yarn with all the filaments wound in the same direction. The thousands of exposed fibers trap air which helps the fly land more softly on the surface of the water as well as imparting the fly with a crunchy feel that Steve feels is more appealing to crustacean eaters like bonefish and redfish. This “crunchy” texture gives the fly a more natural mouth feel when consumed and the fly is rarely spit by finicky tailers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Walter Clark
Aunt Lydia’s yarn

Very happy with this product. Have tied a bunch of Merkin Crabs with it and am pleased with their appearance. Now to get some permit and bonefish to like them.

Perfect for Merkins

Have been tying merkins with EP for a couple of years now simply as a result of it being what I had. First time tying with this yarn and love the result. Tend to come out cleaner and make a more symmetrical profile and all and all just easier to work with. Get it while you can.

Andrew Pfannkuche
Aunt Lydia’s for Strong Arms

I’m happy to have Salty Fly Tying offer Aunt Lydia’s. I’ve been a fan for more than twenty years. I have a stock pile but not all the colors I need. I am tying Skok’s Strong Arm Merkins for customers to fish in Belize and Florida. I am fishing SAM’s for redfish in Texas. Results have been very good.

Brandon Fisher
Rug Yarn Ragheads

Absolute best product to creat rock solid - paper thin - rocket sinking ragheads. Separate the strands. Run them thru a coffee grinder, take some scissors to the mess and grind again. Bodies are super easy to build with e6000. More durable and sink faster than Mcfly foam and you don’t lose the hook gap.

Andrew Johann
Aunt Lydia's rug yarn

I have not received material yet but ordered three weeks ago. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope in the future I can start crab fabrication.

John Payne
Aunt Lidias yarn.

Super fast shipping. Outstanding communication. Just what I have been looking for. Will definitely be buying more of my tying materials from here from now on!!Great experience 👍👍👍

Michael Collier
Aunt Lydia’s

Nice stuff, ties easily to hook . I started to use the orange as spawning sac on bonefish and permit flies.

Victor M Cutter
Aunt Lydia’s Yarn

As always I’m completely satisfied with SaltyFly products. Drew’s drive and ability to source key products is among the best in the Fly Fishing industry.

Paul Bertell
Super Easy - Been looking for a while

Thanks Drew,
Appreciate the material. Great resource and got it super fast no BS!!

Ben Jorden
Aunt Lydia's Heavy Duty Rug Yarn

This material is so easy to work with, I wish I had found it years ago!!!