Learn Paddle Board Fly Fishing: How to fish from a SUP

As a fly designer and avid fly angler, I spend an extensive amount of time (as in nearly every day of my life!) on the water analyzing fish, brainstorming, testing, and refining my flies. One of my favorite ways to get out there and chase fish is on my paddle board.

Learn How to Get Started SUP Fly Fishing

I am literally on the water almost every day and here’s what I have found to be the best and most effective SUP fly fishing gear setup. After 5 years of testing, tweaking and tuning (which equates to over 1,000 days of SUP fly fishing) here’s how I like to rig my SUP. I think the easiest place to start is WHY I choose to fish off a stand up paddle board or a SUP as opposed to a canoe or kayak or skiff. It comes down to ease and convenience. A stand up paddle board, for me, is really easy when I’m by myself.

How to Get Started

Learn everything you need to know about how to start fly fishing from a SUP in my FREE eBook. Use code "GOPADDLE" during checkout.

Paddle Board Fly Fishing - A Beginner's Guide to SUP

In this eBook I share over 5 Years of trial and error experience boiled down to 25 pages of useful knowhow that will decide the best style board for your fishing scenario... as well as instruct you on how to set up your board, and what else you’ll need to catch and land big fish in fresh or saltwater.

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BOTE Paddle Boards Presents // Bonefish

"He's one of the best instructors that I've ever been around. And probably amongst the best castors I've ever seen. And put in a fishing situation he's just second to none in the casting ability he has."

- Clint Kemp, Black Fly Lodge

BOTE Paddle Boards Presents // The Artisan

"Drew reached out regarding paddle board fishing, and like everything else that catches Drew’s interest, he quickly became an expert at it. His specialty is tight-quarters sight fishing, developing a “process”.

Thanks to knowledge of the target species combined with bullseye casting technique, he can efficiently catch 30+ inch snook on a regular basis – from a Rover Aero and Rackham Aero"

- Rob Mcabee, BOTE Paddle Boards

SUP Fishing Q&A & How to Get Started

If you missed my Pro Take Over on Costa Del Mar's Instagram Story about paddle board fishing, don't worry ... I have you covered. I took all the questions and answers and rolled it up into one neat little video.

Drew's Gear Garage

The Gear Garage is where the best fishing days begin — well before we even wet a line. It's where the magic happens, where the secret sauce is stored. It’s where I tie, measure, cut, measure again, repair, adjust, recharge, regroup and reminisce on battles won and lost.

In Episode 5 for Costa's Gear Garage, I'll take you behind the scenes with a walk-through of my personal Gear Garage.