Giveaway Details

On July 31st, 2020, 3 winners will be chosen at random and I give away some fun prizes including hand tied Contraband Crab Flies, tied by yours truly!

Winners will receive one of 3 prizes:

  1. First Place - your choice of:
    1. 6 Contraband Crab Flies (tied by yours truly)
    2. Your choice of any 1 paperback book from this page
    3. Your choice of any 1 eBook from this page
  2. Second place - your choice of:
    1. Your choice of any 1 paperback book from this page
    2. Your choice of any 1 eBook from this page
  3. Third place - your choice of any 1 eBook from this page

How to enter:

Multiple entries allowed & encouraged! Each entry will increase your chances of winning!

Each action listed below will constitute 1 entry:

  1. Leave a review on for a product you have previously purchased.

    I will be emailing customers who have previously purchased to complete this action. All reviews on this website are only from verified customer purchases to ensure authenticity.

    Each product you review gives you 1 entry, so please feel free to review more than 1 product!

  2. Upload a picture or video with your review!

    Show me the flies you've tied, fish you've caught, anything that is relevant to fly fishing and the product being reviewed, determined at my sole discretion.

    Each image uploaded gives you 1 entry, so upload as many as you like!

  3. Complete your Salty Fly Tying Chronicle profile.

    If you're not already a member, head on over to the signup page. Once you sign up you will be sent an email with a link to complete your profile.

Additional Rules:

Actions MUST be completed on the website. Reviews, pictures, or any other information emailed to me or sent in any other method will not qualify.

While I will make all reasonable efforts to avoid technical difficulties with the website, review process, newsletter signup or profile completion process, or any other aspect of the entry actions listed above I do not guarantee they won't happen.

Further, I do not guarantee to provide support to end users or troubleshoot their potential internet or browser issues which may contribute to the inability to complete any of the entry actions.

No purchase necessary. 

You do not have to purchase anything to be included.

Just head on over to the Salty Fly Tying Chronicle page to sign up if you're not already a subscriber. This will make you eligible for action #3 above. If you download the free eBook using the coupon code provided after completing your profile, it will also make you eligible for the other actions!